About Me

My name is what? My name is who? My name is chicka-chicka-ciriacisbeth.

I like to write about my experiences and my personal journey through my struggles and triumphs. I think a lot about the person I want to become and who I want to inspire. This is for the girls who did not know they could believe in themselves, for the brown mujercitas who did not think they were beautiful, and to the people who always wanted to follow their hearts.

I think social media, and an online platform gave me the confidence to use my voice in a way I was always scared to do. Now I want to keep using it. I write a lot of poetry, especially spoken word pieces, I am an artist but only on occasion and an organizer by some sorts of luck and responsibility. And on rare occasions I make videos.

I am an immigrant and woman of color writing about faith, social justice, love, and everything in life’s in betweens.

Someday I’ll have more to write, more to show, and maybe even some things to sell. For now, enjoy the free tips, advice, and stream of consciousness.

– ciriacisbeth.