A Letter To My Future Self

Dear Ciriac,

It is July 8th of 2018 and today I have committed to become the best person I can be. This blog is not for anyone but for you. In one year you will love yourself more, take care of yourself more, and do what you love more. You are worthy and deserve so much more from yourself. For so long you have put others in front of you, your needs, and your dreams. Today is the beginning of a year for you and a launch of a new project. By June 8, 2019, I am not sure how different life may be or what turns life has taken but there are three things that I am certain of.

  1. You’re worthy
  2. Your time should be spent on what you love
  3. You have a purpose that goes far beyond anything you imagined

So, for this next year, I promise you, that I will do everything in my power to put myself first with goals that highlight these three things. This blog is for you, to document the difficulties, the successes, and the effort it takes to really dedicate time to yourself. This timeline is partially self-imposed (okay, mostly self-imposed) because I decided two years ago that I’d go back to school by August 2019, which is roughly in a year. I also decided to take a one-year fellowship position that ends around the same time. It just so happens that the 6-month mark from today is my birthday, and my LSAT exam is September 8th, so now it feels meant to be.

This is to show your process and progress. To love yourself. To take care of yourself and following your passions—and truly sticking to it. Be unapologetic. Keep pursuing the very things you love.

So yes, this blog is for me but, also for anyone who feels like they may not feel like they are enough or feeling overwhelmed by life. As a woman of color, it is often difficult to live in a world that is constantly telling me that I am not worthy of love, acceptance, and allowed to be myself freely.

I hope that this time next year you are on your way to law school, your poetry and writing has become an unbreakable habit, that you are taking care of your body, mind, and spirit. I will do everything I can to focus on my health, my future, and my art. This is the year of Ciriac.

How you ask? Well, I am going to do some of those self-help “challenges” but really stick to them. Here are a couple of examples:

  • Writing 1,000+ words a day
  • Waking up at 6 a.m. every morning
  • Working out four times a week

There are more but, you’ll see how they went by the end, I may hate it or I may love it. The whole point though is to do things for yourself.

So, for everyone else, if you had one year, what would you do? What would you change? Who would you want to become? Pick three goals. Pick three things you have always want to do and have made excuses and join me. Let me know if you are up for the challenge of one-year with yourself and for yourself. Even if we fail, at least we tried. So pause for a moment from all of your excuses and reasons not to and live.

Every week I’m trying something new so Future Ciriac, I hope you love waking up at 6 a.m. by June 2019. Watch out for that next Sunday!

Con mucho amor,
Ciriac Isbeth.

One thought on “A Letter To My Future Self

  1. The Real Me says:

    Wow..is all I can say. The line “As a woman of color…” really got me because it happens with me too. And the fact that you are telling yourself that you are worthy is admirable. You know what they say right, ‘ a woman who realizes her worth is unstoppable’. All the best. I know great things lie ahead of you. ( P.S. You are beautiful)


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